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"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, plan."

-My Bellissima

Here are just a few of our happy couples reviews of us. Enjoy!

"I am so happy that I worked with Laura and Kara of My Bellissima for my recent wedding. I simply cannot rave about them enough. Call these wonderful ladies today if you are looking for two of the kindest, brightest people in the wedding business. I had an intimate wedding and encountered many planning issues along the way before I chose to work with them, and I am so glad that I did. My wedding day turned out to be absolutely perfect! One of the things so many of my guests told me was that my husband and I seemed so refreshingly calm and happy. I was thrilled for the compliments-- and very happy to report that we were calm and happy because My Bellissima made the day magical and stress-free! For those of you researching wedding planning vendors, I'm very happy to tell you that My Bellissima is exemplary at the basics: their design vision is completely unparalleled, their vendor network and relationship skills are top notch, and their coordination execution is flawless. Beyond the basics, I struggle to truly capture in words what Laura and Kara did for me. They went out of their way to support me and truly made me feel like I was part of the My Bellissima family, even when I struggled to make decisions or became overwhelmed. Their empathy and willingness to work with me at every step of the way allowed me to truly feel like someone was always in my corner. Laura and Kara were a blessing. I completely agree with the other reviewers that regretted not hiring My Bellissima sooner. Once you meet with them and begin working with them, you will adore them and wonder how you ever planned a moment without their incredibly inspiring creativity and genuine warmth. I'm so happy I had the wedding of my dreams, but I will definitely miss checking in with them because they were just a delight to plan with! My Bellissima is simply spectacular!"

-Jennifer & Damiano

"I loved working with Laura and Kara! I know I would have not had the fabulous wedding I did if it wasn't for them. I knew absolutely nothing about wedding planning, and they know everything! They made it all so simple and painless and had such great ideas and suggestions...I can't say enough good things! I don't know how they put a price on what they do, because it's truly priceless! They have such great style and taste. The minute I walked in their office, I knew they were going to be great. I said to them I wanted my wedding to have the My Bellissima "look" and they delivered! I booked the start to finish package and they really were there for every little step of the way, including the wedding day, making sure everything went as planned. Hiring My Bellissima was the best money I spent on my wedding! I highly recommend them."


"My husband and I are both thrilled thrilled thrilled with everyone at My Bellissima. They were amazing in every way and I would have been lost without them the week leading up to the wedding/day of the wedding. Although we booked the week of/day of package, I wish we had hired My Bellissima to do the entire "nuts to bolts" planning. Can't emphasize enough how organized, skilled, on-top of it this company is. Highly recommend My Bellissima!"


"I had originally met with Laura and Kara after booking a few vendors and starting the wedding planning process. I loved them immediately, but thought - I have this under control! No problem! After being sent to my 4th catering manager at my venue, I knew I needed back-up. Laura & Kara were amazing. They kept me on track, reminded me of important items that needed to get done, gave great suggestions for our bridal party gifts and welcome bags (both a huge hit!), and helped keep Bride, Groom AND families calm on the wedding day. One of their most important roles was helping to provide amazing ways to remember my father in law, who passed away a month before the wedding. It was just what we needed and was perfect. My dad can't wait for my sister's to get engaged so that we can hire My Bellissima again. My only wedding regret? That I didn't hire them from the start!"


"I dont know where to even begin with telling you how AMAZING My Bellissima was for my wedding! I met Laura and Kara one week after I got engaged! I knew I had a vision of my perfect wedding in my head, but I needed help to make it possible. Everyone thought I was crazy after all I had been planning my wedding for like 5 years! Boy were they wrong. Having My Bellissima from the very begining I was able to hire vendors I would NEVER have found on my own. And having them to back them up, made me that more confident in my choice and that much less in stressed! I truly was able to have the best team of vendors for my wedding! From the second I met with Laura and Kara, I knew that no matter what my vision, no matter how crazy it may have been that they were on the same page as me and that they were going to do everything in their power to make it come true. My wedding day well surpassed every dream I had ever had in my head. It was like they were able to get into my thoughts that I didnt even know were there and then make it come to life. Things I didnt even think of, they did! I am a very high anxiety, perfectionist, control freak so I was def not an easy client to work with. The day of my wedding was perfect!!! There was no stress whatsover. I knew that whatever the problem or concern that came up that Laura and Kara had it covered. I recently met up with them after my wedding to catch up and talk about the whole day. There were SO many things that went wrong! not bad things, just little things that could happen to anyone. If I didnt have them, I would have had to deal with all of the problems. But because of them, I had no idea they even happend which may me believe my wedding day was that much more perfect and I have that vision in my head still not all the craziness and drama. You dont realize how many things go into a wedding. THe littlest things you dont think of, but Laura and Kara do this every single day and they DID think of everything. My husband at first was very skeptical to go with wedding planners. he knew I had been planning for so long and had no idea why we needed to spend the money. I just kept telling him to trust me. But after the wedding the first thing that he said to me was "thank god we had Laura and Kara!" and trust me he hardly ever admits he was wrong! Look I could go on and on for days about how amazing My Bellissima is...but just meet with them, I promise you after the first meeting you will be hooked and you will be so glad you listened to me. From bride to bride who really thinks they know everything about weddings....you DONT! Trust Laura and Kara....and the rest of the Bella Girls. I promise you they are the sole reason that my wedding day was the BEST day of my life!!!! and if you go with them you will be able to say the same thing one day!!! Congrats on your engagement! Enjoy every second!!"


"The lovely ladies of My Bellissima were the coordinators of my daughter Krista's recent wedding. We could not have done it without them... they were wonderful. It's not an easy task when the "bride to be" doesn't live in the state where EVERYTHING is happening. From the very beginning of our relationship, we knew we were in extremely capable hands. We would never have found the gorgeous venue, hired the most amazing florist, picked a palette of unique colors, etc. without their expertise. They were so easy to work with and we LOVE them. Will miss them so much! I wish I had more daughters to marry off!"


"My Bellissima is amazing! Working with these ladies was an absolute blast! We would never have had our dream wedding without them! They have so many new and creative ideas. My Bellissima really got to know us throughout the entire planning process and made suggestions they knew would fit us as a couple. Our wedding was a complete success because My Bellissima coordinated the entire event from the very beginning. We were truly a guest at our own wedding!"


"The women of My Bellissima are an absolute pleasure to work with -- they were my saviors throughout my planning process. They willingly worked with me upfront to align to a proposal that met my needs and my budget. They were with me every step of the way and kept me on task and on schedule (a big challenge for someone like me who travels a ton for work and also has numerous extra-curricular commitments. If I had it to do over again, I would have jumped in for the "full-up" proposal from day-one (which is where I essentially landed over the course of my planning.) No detail was missed and any possible stress was kept far away from me on my wedding day. I would recommend them to my best friend (which I hope will choose to work with them for her upcoming wedding.)"


"I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my wedding planners were in EVERY detail of our ceremony. Not only did they listen to all my requests, but they put my mind,heart,and everyday life at ease with simply all the wedding tasks. They completely surpassed ALL expectations, but the best part about the 'My Bellissima' girls, was that they are genuinely amazing girls who love what they do, share their wealth of talents/idea, and bond with the brides (and grooms) that they work with. Never once did I stress because I knew they would take care of all I need. And they did it with professionalism, kindness, and care. I started a two new friendships out of this with the girls, and that is why I would definitely recommend you seeing their work. You will feel like you are working with the best and a great friend. I cannot stress how important it is to be guided in the right direction with vendors,etc., and these amazing girls have that and so much more to offer. My Bellissima rocks!"

-Jamie C

"The ladies at My Bellissima are absolutely amazing. Throughout the whole planning process they made me feel like there was nothing more important than my wedding day. I feel so lucky that I was able to have Laura and Kara plan my wedding. They thought of everything. Every detail was perfect. "


"The team at My Bellissima is unbelieveable! I never had a worry or a fear about ANYTHING from the moment we started the planning process to the moment we left for our honeymoon! We can't get over how stress free our experience was..We felt like guests at out own wedding. They are worth every penny and would recommend them to anyone and everyone! If you are on the fence, make the right decision and hire them, you won't regret it!"


"Laura, Kara and the team at My Bellissima were my saviors from Day 1 in the wedding planning process. With a full-time job, two soon-to-be step children, a million demands on my time and ZERO idea where to start when it came to planning my big day, I don't know what I would have done without them. From our first meeting to our last "goodbye" at the end of the wedding day, they were by my side -- guiding me, calming me down (on more than one occasion) and keeping me on track. The end result was a personal, intimate and unbelievably unique event that people are still sending me notes about. Every detail was thought of and best of all, they helped me be frugal in the right places so that I could splurge on the extras that really made it "my own". They introduced me to the right vendors to bring my vision to life (and those who had a knack for the non-traditional pieces we were looking for.) I actually think I had the most fun of anyone at my wedding. I can't say enough - they are fabulous!"

-Tammy & Dan

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